Warrior Women Interviews

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I share my cancer journey, starting with concerns from a mammogram leading to further tests like ultrasounds and biopsies before finally getting that dreaded diagnosis. A stage one, grade three DCIS tumor and a triple negative diagnosis, requiring aggressive treatment due to unknown factors fueling cancer growth. I talk about meeting with my oncologist, my surgeon, a massive amount of tests, and my aggressive treatment plan.


I sit down with fellow breast cancer survivor Michelle Beck and discuss her journey through diagnosis and treatment. We talk about her initial diagnosis, treatment decisions between mastectomy and lumpectomy, emotional challenges, second diagnosis, reconstruction process including expanders and implants, and the empowering experience of the Warrior portrait sessions in healing and transformation post-cancer. She emphasizes the importance of support, community, personal transformation, turning trauma into positivity, and finding purpose through the cancer journey.


I talked with Allison, a fellow survivor who was diagnosed with lobular breast cancer, chose a double mastectomy without reconstruction, and underwent 33 sessions of radiation. She discusses the radiation therapy process, her family history of breast and ovarian cancer, genetic testing results, and the impact on her sisters’ health decisions. We discuss her decision to go flat post-mastectomy, her support system, and her experience at a Warrior Woman portraits session. She reflects on her newfound appreciation for life post-cancer, emphasizing living each day to the fullest.


Danyel talks with fellow survivor Kiki about her journey with cancer, detailing her diagnosis of invasive ductal carcinoma, genetic testing results, the decision to undergo a bilateral mastectomy, and challenges with reconstruction options. It explains the complications Kiki faced with implants and tissue expanders, leading to multiple surgeries and neuropathy. They discuss the emotional toll of the cancer journey, the positive impact of finding a supportive community, and reflections on empowerment through participation in a Warrior session and photoshoot. Overall, it emphasizes self-advocacy, support networks, and the positive impact of maintaining mental health and confidence during the cancer journey.


Danyel sits down with Jennifer as she shares her cancer journey, from finding a lump at 27 to a delayed diagnosis at 49 and the discovery of cancer during a biopsy in 2020. Jen discusses her hormone blocker treatment and side effects and emphasizes the importance of early detection and community support. The conversation touches on transforming the victim to a warrior mindset through the Warrior Project, focusing on community support, acceptance, and personal growth.


Danyel Rogers hosts an interview with Kelly, a breast cancer previvor (a woman who has a high risk of having breast cancer but does not have it yet) due to the BRCA2 gene, about her journey of choosing a double mastectomy and total hysterectomy. Kelly emphasizes the importance of support during decision-making and recovery, discussing challenges like post-surgery pain and its impact on her work as a massage therapist. She shares the significance of physical therapy, massage, and self-care practices in her healing process and reflects on the unexpected physical changes post-mastectomy. The discussion also explores the supportive ‘flattie’ community’s positive influence and the empowerment found in the Warrior Women photoshoot experience.

LOBULAR, goldie locks mastectomy

Danyel has an informative discussion with fellow Warrior, Kathleen. They discuss her 11-year journey with breast cancer, emphasizing challenges like diagnosis difficulties and the decision-making process for mastectomy. Kathleen opted out of reconstruction surgery and faced challenges in achieving a flat chest post-mastectomy. She reflects on the importance of community support, body positivity, and self-love after treatment, highlighting her empowering experience with the Warrior Women Portrait project.

STAGE ZERO, AFC, lymphedema

Christine shares her journey from a standard mammogram to a stage zero DCIS diagnosis, discussing the emotional impact and decision-making process regarding treatment options like radiation, hormone therapy, and double mastectomy. She reflects on body image, lifestyle factors, and the challenges after surgery, including lymphedema. Christine emphasizes the importance of being informed about treatment effects and self-advocacy in managing post-surgery issues, leading to a newfound appreciation for support networks and self-acceptance post-diagnosis. She shares her experience participating in a Warrior photoshoot, the empowering nature of the session, and the camaraderie she felt with other breast cancer survivors during the photoshoot.

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